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African Music Wildlife and Cultural Safari

Africa Music Wildlife and Community Aid

In October 2010 we ran the innaugral music tour to South and Eastern Africa. We now have our music tour to Zanzibar for 2014. There will be more!

You can read what we did in October 2010. We plan to repeat this tour concept - with some changes in 2015. If you are interested let us know and we can put you on the mailing list.

We have designed this tour to give you an opportunity to experience and celebrate Africa, a continent renowned for its rich and diverse musical traditions, amazing wild life and strong community spirit.


The current African music scene and the historical influence of African music on mainstream western rock, blues and jazz are self evident. In conjunction with Radio Station 3PBS FM African Music host Stani Goma we have a tour programme rich in music and cultural history along with exploring the wild side of Africa’s famous game parks. Then to add in more richness we will visit and stay with a major community aid programme in Tanzania.

More on African music.


One of the highlights of this tour is the Safari from Nairobi to Arusha in Northern Tanzania. For a few days, we explore Kenya and Northern Tanzanian natural environment with breathtaking views of the sunrise and sunset. On this portion of the tour you will be meeting animals you see in books and the zoo, but this time in their backyard.

Community Aid:

Another highlight of the trip is the opportunity to put something back in local community by staying at an existing Community Program. Fighting poverty through education is the motto of the School of St Jude. The school was opened in 2002 by Gemma Rice (now Gemma Sisia), who made an incredible transition form a sheep farm in Australia, in Northern Tanzania with the help of her family, friends and local Rotary Club. You may recall her story was the subject matter for one episode of the ABC programme 'Australian Story'.

St Judes is the community aid school programme we will be visiting and staying with.

More on St Judes School.

Tour Itineraries:

We have two options for our tour. This allows people to judge the amount of time they have available for this tour. Not everyone can take the time off to do the whole tour.

1) Travel from Australia to Capetown, then Johannesburg and on to East Africa.

2) Start with the stopover in Johannesburg (Cape Town participants join also) and then on to East Africa

Johannesburg and East Africa

The core tour programme is;

  • Johannesburg and Soweto
  • East African Safari
  • Community Aid visit

Go to itinerary starting Johannesburg

Cape Town Johannesburg and East Africa

For those with more time available you can add a comprehensive time in Cape Town, then the remaining core tour.

  • Cape town
  • Johannesburg and Soweto
  • East African Safari
  • Community Aid visit

Go to itinerary starting Cape Town


Musicians are often away on tour and the music scene is constantly changing. It’s almost impossible to guarantee that a preferred style of music will definitely be accessed during the tour. However, if you’re flexible and keep an open mind, you will be pleasantly surprised