Iran the land of the Peacock Throne- or something else?.

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Photographer and Tour Leader


Photography has been part of my life ever since my dad gave me my first point-and-shoot camera, when I was 10 years old. Soon after he introduced me to the secrets of the dark room.

The art has deeper roots in my genes with both my grandfathers being photographers and filmmakers. The camera thus became my constant companion on my world journey. Many of my images have featured in travel guidebooks and magazines published by major publishers – Lonely Planet, Frommer’s, Berlitz, etc. I have also photographed sports such as ice hockey, horseracing, skiing, football, cycling and tennis, and major events, such as the Australian Open Grand Slam tennis, Greenways cycling events, Czech Ice Hockey league and numerous Czech folk festivals.

Travel photography for the tourist industry took me to many wonderful places but seeking the unusual has always been the aim of my art, as can be viewed in my self-portraits and the Reflections series. Other factors influencing my photography include my birth place, grungy working class suburb of Prague locked behind the iron curtain and Melbourne’s punk rock scene of my uni days.

Photography has also taken me to other interesting work such as long distance bicycle rides, ski guiding, travel guide book authoring or bicycle guiding. Famous photographers that left a lasting impression on me are Josef Saudek (who photographed one of my relatives in the 1930s), Henri Cartier-Bresson and Richard Peter. I also operate photography courses in Melbourne and Prague. Prague has been my home for 15 years until January, 2015. During this time I crisscrossed Europe by bicycle, foot, train and car. Thus, this tour is based on my personal experience, having spent many weeks or years in many places.

Nebesky Images.

Passport Travel and Richard Nebesky

We first met Richard when he was commissioned by Lonely Planet to author a section of their new guide to Russia. New in the sense that this was just after the fall of the Soviet Union. We assisted several of the authors with arranging flexible travel visas – a harder task then than now! Over the years we maintained contact. Richard was very active in European cycling circles and introduced us to a reliable partner in the Czech republic.

With his extensive personal knowledge of the regions, these tours will visit, he is ideally suited to guide the tours. Oh and we should mention his fluency in English, Czech, Slovak and Russian – coupled with high standard German and Polish – all helps!!